COVID-19 Policy

Our practice is fully COVID safe and compliant.

Our COVID procedure starts from before you even enter the practice with screenings for all patients. Upon arrival patients ring the doorbell or knock and wait for a receptionist to let them in as the door is kept locked. This ensures that only patients with booked appointments can gain entry to the practice. Once inside patients will be asked to gel their hands, their temperature will be checked and they will be asked the following questions:

1. Have you currently experienced any of the following symptoms of COVID? 

– fever 

– fatigue/tiredness

– altered taste or smell sensation 

– dry cough

– trouble breathing or difficulty breathing 

– any other flu like symptoms 

– stomach upset or diarrhoea

2. Have you had a COVID test in the last 10 days, and if so what was the result?

If they answer yes to question 1, have a temperature above 37.5 or have had a positive test result in the last 10 days they will be asked to leave the practice and to contact us via telephone or email to re-book. If they answer no they will be asked to either go straight into the surgier, or to take a seat in the waiting room. Due to the size of our waiting area, no more than two patients are allowed in at one time.

All staff will wear PPE at all times and patients are advised to wear PPE when within the building.

Regular hand sanitising stations have been set up throughout the building with a dedicated station by the main entrance.

Our reception desk is screened for the extra safety of both our patients and staff.

Within our clinical room dentists and nurses will wear their PPE throughout the appointment.

As a practice we have all been fully fit tested and passed an appropriate fit test so we are all able to wear the most protective form of mask – FFP3.

We will do our best to keep aerosols to a minimum however if we do need to produce one during your appointment we have invested and installed state of the art ventilation systems which increase the rate at which droplet particles in the air are removed from  the room at a faster rate. All windows are left open to allow good ventilation throughout all appointments. 

We are fortunate enough to have 3 surgeries and so will always allow minimum fallow time of 20 minutes even with all the ventilation systems in place to ensure maximum safety.

Once an appointment is complete on the team will safely take our patient to reception where they can book appointments / pay etc and then safely exit our practice with no other interactions with any other people.

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    A very friendly, welcoming and professional practice, very impressed with Ravi and all of his staff.

    Best dentist I have ever been to. Cannot recommend this practice, or Aarti enough. She's an absolute pleasure and fantastic at keeping me calm and letting me know what's going on. I've never trusted or felt so at ease at a dentist before and that was having two root canals done!

    Since having a 'break' from the dentist I returned to the practice due to a broken tooth. I have always been a nervous patient, but Aarti was very calm and reassuring and has provided great treatment. The procedures have been pain-free and I couldn't even feel the injection on my last visit! All the staff are very friendly and welcoming and I would highly recommend!

    Excellent dental practice. They are friendly, professional and do great dental work. I can't recommend them enough.

    They made me feel so welcome and calm. Couldn't give any more thanks for the help. I'm free from pain and ready for my next appointment. Amazing staff.